Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Class 1 Week 7

Here's a really cool Trooper Tip from Anders Ancker: (I know he says week 4, but this is a very useful tip for animating with Tailor)

Pretty cool! Now Just because everyone wants to animate Tailor doesn't mean you have to. You can also animate One-Leg. I chose Tailor because I wanted to further develop my overlapping skills which is more obvious with the Tailor rig.

So if you are animating Tailor here are some tips:

Keep the pendulum in mind. There will be successive breaking of joints. Always. You should have a really cool trick you'll learn in your lecture about copy and pasting keys, and the offsetting them for a good start. But don't stop there!

The one thing my previous mentor told me and it really helped: think of Tailor like a roller coaster. The tail will stay on the “track” behind the body. I had the issue of having the tail “come off the track” on each bounce and it looked silly.

Also this week, you get to add a little bit of character to your scene. Is Tailor a zippy Squirrel? Is he heavy? Etc.

Please keep it simple though. This was the assignment where I saw a lot of students try and get extra creative. Check with your mentor fist. My mentor told my class that we were to animate a bouncing ball with a tail. Of course we added in some character, but it wasn't some complicated scene where Tailor tries to take over the world.

I think that's all for today. Please message me if you have a question though!

~Peer Trooper Brandon

P.S. Real quick, if you choose one leg, the only tip that think you need to keep in mind at all times: Pay attention to the center of gravity. He's only got one leg so he's going to need to be balanced at all times :)

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